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Business Law

Northvale Legal can ensure your business is established properly and protected from the start. We can assist you with all your business, corporate and industry law needs, including:

  • Entity Formation, Maintenance & Dissolution

  • Corporate Record Documentation and Maintenance

  • Partnership Agreements

  • Limited Liability Company Member Agreements

  • Trade Name Registration


We can also provide assistance with day-to-day business matters and transactions, such as:

  • Administrative Matters

  • Advertising, Branding & Marketing

  • Business Acquisitions & Sales

  • Copyright Registration & Protection (domestic and international)

  • Confidentiality or Nondisclosure Agreements

  • Contract Drafting, Review & Negotiation

  • Domain Name Acquisition, Clearance, Disputes, and Rights

  • E-commerceInternet, and Cyberspace Matters

  • General Employment Law

  • Intellectual Property Portfolio Assessments

  • Licensing

  • Internet Regulatory Compliance (Truth in Advertising, CAN SPAM Act, COPPA or Children's Online Privacy Protection Act)

  • Technology Transfers

  • Trade Identity Creation & Protection

  • Trademark Registration (domestic and international)

  • Trade Secret Protection

  • Unfair Competition Matters

  • Websites (Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, Disclaimers, Linkage to Third-Party Sites)


Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual Property is inherent in all businesses – images, publications, inventions, products, software, etc. - and may often be your most valuable asset. Whether you are an individual artist or a business entity, you have intellectual property that needs to be protected. Northvale Legal specializes in the area of intellectual property law, serving artists, entertainers, innovators, and companies.

We can assist you with:

  • Trademark Matters

    • Protection and Registration

    • Availability and Clearance Searches

    • Infringement Analysis

    • Licensing

    • Enforcement


  • Copyright Matters

    • ​Protection and Registration

    • Permissions Clearance

    • Infringement Analysis

    • Ownership Searches

    • Licensing

    • Enforcement

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