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Annual Minute Questionnaire

Annual minutes are just one piece of the corporate compliance puzzle that the courts look at during corporate veil piercing actions. The courts want to see that entities keep annual minutes, because it is evidence that your entity is operating as an organization separate from you, and therefore, you should not be held personally responsible for the organization’s actions.

In addition, the Internal Revenue Service routinely requests to see an organization’s governance documents during an audit. Incomplete records create a red flag, which is easily avoided by keeping your entity in compliance.

To assist us in preparing your entity’s annual minutes, please complete the following questionnaire. This questionnaire is meant to help capture common events that may occur during any given year. It is not meant to be comprehensive list of the information you may include in your annual minutes and some of the information below will not apply to your organization.

PLEASE NOTE: If we are preparing more than one year’s worth of annual minutes, please fill out a separate questionnaire for each year.

Thanks for applying to volunteer with us! We'll get back to you soon.

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